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Manila Ads was designed to provide quality traffic for site owners all around the world.

Manila Ads is a multi-channel advertising network that is dedicated to providing advertisers with a targeted solution that helps to serve up ads across multiple platforms. Dedicated to helping our advertisers reach a wider audience for improved results, our network provides an opportunity for content publishers by providing them ads that are targeted to their platform’s niche to enable them to create a road to passive income.

We understand the need for optimum results; hence we optimize your ads and ensure they are delivered to your target audience where they are most effective. We also provide you with a robust reporting dashboard to help monitor the success of your ads, giving you the ability to know how much you have reached your goal.

moreover, our members have the following benefits:

Become a member and earn simply by browsing our advertisers' websites.

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Promote your services to thousands of out members. Multiple advertising types with automatic anti-cheat protection which analiyzes member IPs, browser & PC info, referral connections

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our features

Multiple Payment Options

We pay your earnings via different payment processors including the Bitcoin and Local Remittance .

Strong Community

Join thousands of community members on the shout box to get help and share success.

highly secured

Special security features enabled to protect your privacy and data.

Anti-Cheat Protection

Strong anti-cheat protection to prevent fraud activities.

Optimised for mobile

Responsive mobile friendly design to earn money using smartphone and tablet.

Innovative Technologies

New innovative technology implemented every time to provide best user experience.

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