Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manilaads?

Manila Ads is a multi-channel advertising network that is dedicated to providing advertisers with a targeted solution that helps to serve up ads across multiple platforms. Dedicated to helping our advertisers reach a wider audience for improved results, our network provides an opportunity for content publishers by providing them ads that are targeted to their platform’s niche to enable them to create a road to passive income.


Who can register here ? 
We accept members from ALL countries who are at least 18 years of age.


How to earn here?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) - Go to Earn Money -> PPC from left menu to see the PPC Ads available to you. These are simple ads that you will be pay per click and view the advertiser's site that loads for a short period of time. The amount paid to you will depend on your membership level and the amount of time you must view the ad but the exact amount will be shown prior to clicking the ad if you hover your mouse over it. Once you've clicked an ad and the timer has completed that loads you will be credited immediately and are free to close that window to return here to click another and continue earning.

OfferWalls  - Go to Earn Money -> Offerwalls from the left menu to access the Offer Walls. Offer Walls offer a mix of things to do and usually have instructions telling you what's required for each offer. They are a very organized way to browse lots of offers quickly to pick something you're interested in completing.


Traffic Exchange  - Go to Earn Money -> Traffic Exchange from the left menu to access Traffic Exchange Ads. You will see ads here which lasts from 20 seconds. You will earn Traffic Balance for watching these ads. Higher the Ad Duration. Higher you earn.


How do I earn more ?
You can grow your extra Income by referring new members to Manilaads. You can earn upto 25% of thier earning for lifetime.